Top 10 most popular pet names in 2018 ! Have you got this?


Recently, the Australian Pet Insurance Company, The top ten most popular pet names in 2018 were announced. Among them, the most popular male dogs are Charlie, Max and Archie!

People love to take Cleo, Mia and Simba and Tigger in Disney animation.
And, the most popular dog and cat nickname, have Bella and Luna!
Among the “Australia’s 2018 Most Popular Pets List” recently announced, some names may be surprising.
For the second year in a row, “Bella” became the most popular bitch name!
And in the female cat list, Bella is the second favorite name.
However, “Charlie” became the most commonly used name for cats and dogs for the second consecutive year.

This ranking list was derived from the Australian Pet Insurance Company, based on data from 150,000 newly insured pets across Australia.
People prefer to give the bitch a four-letter name, such as Luna, Ruby, Coco, and Lola. The names ending in -ie are popular among male pets, such as Archie, Alfie, Ollie, Buddy and Bailey.
In addition, the names of the newly added dogs this year are Cooper, Poppy and Milo.
For the second year in a row, Coco entered the list of the most popular female cat names, and Oscar also entered the list of male cat names. The new names on the list are Max, Milo, Leo, Willow and Lilly.
The Australian pet insurance company pointed out that the name of the pet inspired by the film is becoming more and more popular, she said, “We have not forgotten some of the favorite Disney characters, such as Simba and Tigger”
“They actually entered the top ten this year (cat name).”
Some names not on the list are becoming more widely known, such as Maleficent, Bambi and Tinkerbell.
The unusual pet names popular this year are Arschar, Kiki, Arya and Babushka. The distinctive names of Moxi, Cheeky and Pork-chop are increasingly favored by pet owners.
Hey, don’t know the list, is there your English name, or the English name of your favorite pet?
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